The Why

I suppose it’s always the hardest thing, starting, probably because it seems like everything hangs on this, I’ve got to put my best foot forward, make a good impression, get off to a flying start to name just a few overused clichés. You never know who’s going to read your blog when you first start out, whether people will like it or whether it will all come crashing down, but that’s the beauty of it for me, I don’t know what will become of this blog. My hope is that it will stir up a vibrant community of followers who will enjoy sharing in their ideas and perspectives and that I will be able to learn about all sorts of people from all sorts of places.

This is a place for me to celebrate amazing people who inspire me and to discuss the issues that we’re dealing with in the world at the moment. I want to create a virtual playground for people to air their ideas and help us all grow. As much as I want this to be a communal platform I also I want to put my ideas out in the open and air them out, I want to be harsh on them and make sure I’m not missing anything. Articulating these ideas and hearing other people’s will enable me to do that. I’m very excited about this new venture and I hope that it will be a success, I envisage a site where people feel they can be creative and listen to people’s perspectives to help mould their own.

I am just another youth, but I want to show the world that our generation isn’t here to fill a gap. As a cohort we need to let people know that we’re not satisfied with standing by and watching, we’re here to make an impact and change the world for the better. If we can start by becoming more well-rounded in our opinions and more confident in our ideas then we really can make a difference.


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