Podcasts -Dear Hank and John

I have recently, mainly due to the influence of my girlfriend, become interested in podcasts, I have enjoyed exploring this new world and have listened to a wide range, whether it be a more informative and educational podcast or just easy listening. I think there’s something reassuring about a podcast that reminds me of being at home, where my mum has the radio on every waking hour of the day. As a result of this new found interest, I would like to share my regular listens with you. Over the next few weeks I plan on bringing you some of my favourite podcasts, and doing a quick summary of what they’re like.

My first suggestion is a podcast that was first introduced to me by my girlfriend and I have come back to it regularly ever since. This was the first podcast I listened to and as a result it acted as the catalyst for my branching out and discovering new ‘pods’ of my own accord.

Presented by John and Hank Green of VlogBrothers fame (if you’ve never seen the YouTube channel I would highly recommend) Dear Hank and John is a light-hearted discussion set-up in which the two brothers dissect problems sent in by the listeners and try to give advice. Both John and Hank are, of course, authors, founders of CrashCourse (thank you for saving my skin at GCSE guys) and all-round ‘do-gooders’ in life so have a lot of experience to draw on upon when giving advice. However, the majority of questions that they receive are so bizarre that even someone with a thousand years life experience would struggle to suggest solutions.  The best way to really understand the range of topics discussed is obviously to listen, but for those of you who are wondering, recent questions have included ‘do dead bodies sunburn?’, ‘why does everybody hate raisins?’ and my personal favourite ‘When will I stop having to call my Mum to help me figure out life?’. That last question being one that I can easily relate to as I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t ask myself ‘what would Mum do?’

As you can probably tell by the style of the questions, this podcast is an off-beat agony aunt style gig and the occasions where an actual solution is reached are few and far between. Nevertheless, the great thing about Dear Hank and John is that the chemistry the two brothers have means that tangents are frequent and entertaining. I would conservatively predict that the show is a 50/50 split between giving actual advice and mocking of the other brother through the massive back catalogue of embarrassing stories they have about each other. I always enjoy this podcast, no matter what mood I’m in and it really is the epitome of pick-me-up, easy-listening, content.

I have actually found it harder than I thought to write this post as trying to describe to you such an off-the-wall podcast as this one is quite challenging. The best thing I can suggest to you is that you go and listen to an episode, released every Monday on Spotify, for yourself and find out just how entertaining it is.


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