Blog 002

Sadly, this blog doesn’t give me an opportunity to go on a rant like last week’s did, so it may be a bit shorter and have a bit more of a verbal diarrhoea type feel to it. Gladly, however, I come bearing news that the implosion of my country’s government has been staved off for another week so hurrah for that.

Personally, I’ve had quite a busy week, running, searching for a new house for the upcoming year and catching up on the back catalogue of university work that I have to get through. As seems to happen every term I have just got into the groove and have started enjoying myself with a grand total of one week to go. I think at some point I will definitely write a piece about university life and how I have found it, its definitely very different from being at home and comes with all sorts of different stresses and worries. Of course, taking it as an overall experience, university has been great, but I do have hard days where I just wish I was at home so I think it would be an interesting topic to write on.

Running has been going well again, I’ve restarted my training diary and feel super motivated again, I think that competing in Manchester really gave me the kick up the arse that I needed. I’m back running consistently and have the desire to carry that on. I can already feel the fitness coming back so hopefully I’ll be all good come race season.

I don’t really have much to say, this is just a check in and a place where I can talk about whatever I want, I’ll be back with more interesting content in the next few days, thanks for the read and see you around.

P.S. the photo was taken by me over summer, I do do exciting things see.


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