Blog 003

Hi everyone, I’m home! That’s right, I have made the mammoth journey down from university to my family home and I’m staying here for 6 weeks, leeching off of my parents and recovering from the stresses of term. Of course, it is Christmas soon so I’m very excited for that, not because I want presents or because I’m a devout Christian or anything. I’m excited for Christmas because of the way it brings family and friends together, everyone is happy and its quality time for relaxing and laughing with the people we love. There is also something magical about Somerset, where I live, in the winter, it’s even quieter than usual and everything is extremely sleepy, it’s marvellous for relaxing.

I suppose this blog is meant for me to use as a looking glass into my life, but the thing is I’m rather bad at sharing the sort of intimate internal monologue with anyone, let alone the whole of the online world, that isn’t really something I’ll ever feel comfortable with. I have wondered for many years why I enjoy watching vlogs with my favourite YouTubers so much and I think it is probably down to the organic nature of the videos, nobody is doing anything special, they’re just speaking their thoughts to the camera. Perhaps I could be franker if I was vlogging rather than blogging but I don’t think I’ll ever know as putting myself out there on YouTube as a video creator has never been something that inspires me so I suppose you’ll just have to make do with this written blog and I’ll try to get better at it. I think another problem I have when writing this blog is that I don’t think my life is that interesting, but then that’s a matter of opinion really so I’m sure somebody out there who isn’t living it every day finds my life interesting in some way.

In the name of my new-found transparency I will let you in on my aims and plans for the holidays, they include but are not limited to:

  • doing a crazy amount of running and cycling to get myself back into peak shape, I’m not in bad shape but equally, I could be doing better so that’s an aim.


  • Join the gym: I have never really done strength work properly so whilst I’m at home and have loads of time I may as well join a cheap gym and try and figure out what you’re meant to do in the gym.


  • Teach myself one of my university courses: I have an exam in the new year all about econometric theory, which, on top of being super hard, was a module taught by a lecturer who was quite literally the most useless teacher in the whole of history so I suppose I’d better start reading text books pretty soonish else I’ll have a big fat F coming my way.


  • Work on this: I want to grow this blog even further, I’ve been happy with my consistency of posting so far and quite surprised at the amount of people who have read my waffle so I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing, possibly adding some social media pages, and hope for more growth over the festive period.


Of course, I also want to have a great Christmas but I’m pretty sure that will take care of itself, for now I’m just going to keep busy and make the most of this free time I have and I will keep you updated on my progress.


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